Mini Irish Doodle: 7 Reasons Why You Will Fall For It!

Activity Levels

Mini Irish Doodles are active dogs that need a huge amount of physical activity to satisfy their huge energy levels.

Adorable Characteristics

A Mini Iris Doodle’s eyes are dark brown and oval, the nose is brown, and the ears flap by the face.

Coat Type

The coat of the Mini Irish Doodle is long and wavy, and you should visit the groomer to keep them cute and healthy.

Coat Color

Mini Irish Doodles inherit color from any of the parents - they can be red, apricot and black, or can have white markings.


The average price for a Mini Irish Doodle can be lower or higher, depending on the breeder and the characteristics of the dog.

Beauty Treatments

The Mini Irish Doodle needs bathing only a few times a year unless they get covered with mud or some other heavy dirt.

Pawfect Family Pet

Very loving, affectionate, and obedient, a Mini Irish Doodle is a perfect member of your family!