7 Reasons Why You Need A Mini French Bulldog

Compact Size

A Mini French Bulldog is simply the regular French Bulldog in a miniature size.

Adorable Appearance

The Mini Frenchie has a silky coat, wrinkled face, and pushed-in snout!

Colorful Shades

Mini Frenchies come in black, champagne, white, gray, brown, two-color and tri-color, and merle!

Three Possible Sizes

Some breeders actually differentiate between Micro Mini, Teacup Frenchies and Mini Frenchies!

Unique Personality

Mini Frenchies are playful, sassy, and friendly - they love to be in the center of attention!

Amazing Companions

Mini Frenchies are very emphatic and they can sense your emotions easily.

Attached To Owners

Mini Frenchies tend to be very attached to their owner and can easily develop separation anxiety.