The Irish Wolfhound Great Dane Mix And Great Expectations

How Do You Call An Irish Wolfhound X Great Dane Mix?

This designer dog goes by the name Irish Dane, but its story is a little bit more complicated than its name.

Irish Dane Appearance

The Irish Dane will likely be muscular and tall, but the other features are up for grabs by either gene pool.

Irish Dane Temperament

There is a certainty of getting two things: a colossus of a canine and an amazing family dog.

Irish Dane Lifespan

There has been information from unconfirmed sources that the Irish Dane has a slightly higher lifespan than its parent breeds.

Irish Dane Health Problems

The Irish Dane can inherit some health problems from its parent breeds:  Osteoarthritis  Hip and elbow dysplasia Hypothyroidism Cardiomyopathy  Bloat And GDV