How Heavy  Should My Dog Be? 5 Healthy Recommendations

Different Breed, Different Weight

The average dog weight differs greatly for different dog breeds, and the situation gets even more complicated when we introduce mixed-breed dogs into the picture.

Body Condition Score (BCS)

The Body Condition Score (BCS) is a quantitative method of evaluating a dog’s body weight, and it is used by veterinarians and dog food manufacturing companies.

Ideal Weight

A tummy tuck, a saggy belly, or an abdomen that slants upwards — these are all that you have to pay attention to. You will also need to try to feel your pup’s ribs.

Properly Weigh Your Dog

Place your scale on a flat, hard surface, preferably a bare floor or tiles, in order to get the best results and eliminate any possibilities of your pup getting hurt.

Maintaining A Healthy Weight

It is very important to keep track of your dog’s weight and any changes in his eating habits.