7 Things That Make The Giant Poodle So Adorable

1. Luscious Hair

Even though the Gaint Poodle is famous for its long, curly hair, grooming on a daily basis is not necessary at all!

2. Variety Of Coat Colors

There are many variants of the Poodle’s coat, among which white, apricot, black, cafe au lait, and black and white!

3. Family Pet

Throughout the years, the giant Poodle has adapted to being a true family dog.

4. Outgoing Pups

Giant Poodles are social and outgoing dogs. They just enjoy being outside and exploring the world.

5. Incredible Watchdogs

Given their history as hunting dogs, giant Poodles are excellent watchdogs!

6. Best Canine Companions

Giant Poodles are good dogs to have around, and they make excellent companion dogs.

7. Heart Of A Teddy Bear

Their giant size makes them feel like the coziest pillow, and cuddling is one of their favorite treats!