Dogs With Pink Noses – Is This Dangerous?

Types Of Pink Noses  In Dogs

1. The Dudley Nose  2. Butterfly Nose  3. Snow Nose

The Dudley Nose

The dudley nose is a black nose that has turned pinkish in the middle. It is usually seen in:

Doberman Pinscher Golden Retriever Irish Setter

Butterfly Nose

A butterfly nose is a black nose with pink patches randomly distributed on its surface. These dogs have it:

Bull Terriers Dalmatians Dogo Argentinos

Snow Nose

Some dogs develop them in the winter months, which is why they are also called winter noses:

Bernese Mountain Dog German Shepherd Golden Retriever

Are Dogs With Pink Noses Healthy?

Dogs with pink noses are perfectly normal, and many are up to the breed standard.