7 Dog Behavior Changes After Vaccination


1. Flu-Like Behavior

A runny nose and a bit more drooling is a common side effect that follows vaccination.

2. Drowsiness And Disinterest

Refusing to play and moping around the house, as well as disobedience and unexpected shyness are all normal after vaccination

3. Loss Of Appetite

Eating after a vaccine will be tough for the dog’s body. The immune system will use most of its energy to deal with the foreign bodies.

4. Aggressiveness

Feeling exposed and threatened while in weak physical condition can lead them to snap at other pets or even you.

5. Fever And Soreness

Soreness mainly occurs at the injection site but can be non-localized too. Fever is usually mild and does not last long.

6. Skin Irritation And Swelling

While in mild cases swelling mainly occurs around the injection site, more severe reactions can include facial swelling.

7. Anaphylaxis

Immune reactions to a specific allergen (vaccine content) will cause the dog to fall into an anaphylactic shock.