The Blue Heeler Corgi Mix: 5 Facts You Need To Know

High Energy Levels

The Blue Heeler Corgi mix will probably need high levels of exercise—not the nice-walk-in-the-park exercise.

Perfect Pet And Worker

Naturally, considering its parents, you can consider the Blue Heeler Corgi mix to be an excellent herding or family dog, depending on your preference.

Can Be Stubborn

Because the Blue Heeler Corgi mix is considered a stubborn and determined breed, thanks to its parents, you will have to start early training.

Eye-Catching Coat

You can find Blue Heeler Corgi mix pups in varying colors: merle, roan, sable, or even tri-colored. They tend to be gorgeous.

Outgoing And Friendly

Blue Heeler Corgi mix dogs generally tend to get along quite well with children and other animals.