Agouti Husky: 7 Unique Traits

Coat Color

The Agouti Husky inherits a shade of sable along with tones of chocolate and dark brown.

A Rare Find

The agouti color within the Husky breed is extremely rare, just like pure white and solid black.

Unique Appearance

The thing that makes agouti Huskies different is that the tip of their tail is usually colored in pure white or solid black.


Just like other Huskies, agouti Huskies are medium-sized dogs that weigh between 35 and 60 pounds.

Coat Patterns

Agouti Husky coat colors are not solid; they come with patterns and markings. Therefore, the agouti Husky dog can inherit white, black, and brown coat color patterns.

Eye Colors

The agouti Husky has gorgeous eyes that range in color from brown to blue, or perhaps even have one of each color.

Double Coat

The outercoat of the agouti Husky is a bit coarse, but the undercoat is as soft as a feather!