9 Saint Bernard Mixes: A List Of Heavenly Good Boys

1. Border Bernard

A dog as smart as a Border Bernard needs mental and physical stimulation. This is not surprising considering that it is a working dog, a watchdog, and a great family dog after all.

2. Saintkita

His behavior will depend on his parents’ genes. Like all Saint Bernard mixes, it could be a gentle giant or certainly a giant that is not so gentle.

3. Saint Bernese

The Bernese Mountain Dog is a very loyal dog, and combined with the well-mannered Saint Bernard, you get a well-behaved offspring with guard dog traits – very appealing to the eye, too.

4. Saint Shepherd

This extrovert among Saint Bernard mixes is very fond of kids, and can tolerate other dogs, too. But, of course, you should do your part and train him properly.

5. Golden Saint

This charmer can’t just be a pet. It is a true family member. It is a smart dog that is utterly loyal and gentle, and above all, obedient to the point that the noun “Saint“ can be applied as an adjective.

6. Saint Berxer

The combination of Boxer colors and Saint Bernards gives us this stunning breed.

7. Saintweiler

If you live in a hot area, then you should be extra careful because the Saint Weiler is not suitable for this kind of weather.

8. Saint Bermastiff

This dog has a trait that many large size breeds don’t, which is its sense of smell. It is something that he inherited from his parents. And, as you may guess, he is perfectly well-suited for cold and snow.

9. Labernard

There is a sad part about this huge mixed breed – the bigger Labernard you get, it is more likely that he will not live long.