9 Gorgeous Golden Retriever Mixes You Need To Check Out Today

1. Golden Collie / Gollie

This medium-sized crossbreed with a lovely name, Gollie, is a highly intelligent and trainable ball of energy. They love company, whether it is other dogs or humans, just not being alone.

2. Goberian

These quite unusual and rare dogs with a striking appearance are one of the most expensive Golden Retriever mixes out there. Their gorgeous, bright blue eyes leave no one indifferent, and they are hard to resist.

3. Golden Mountain Dog

A gentle giant of a dog! A loving dog that loves to cuddle and enjoy outdoor activities – this is the Golden Mountain Dog for you. If you live somewhere with a lot of space and a snowy climate, this dog might be the perfect choice for you.

4. Golden Shepherd

More often than not, they will suffer from separation anxiety, especially if left alone for a longer period of time. Early socialization is key to fixing this problem.

5. Goldendoodle

Coming in three sizes (miniature, standard, and large), Goldendoodles are smart and devoted animals that are excellent loving companions.

6. Golden Dox

Golden Doxies are great family pups; however, they can exhibit a little stubborn streak that can make training a bit difficult.

7. Golden Doberman

They can be really sweet and loving, but will also protect their family with their life. Keep in mind that they need a lot of exercise and mental stimulation, though.

8. Golden Boxer

If you don’t mind shedding, then you can consider this mix – the Golden Boxer – a bundle of energy, very protective, playful, eager to learn new tricks, and great at sports.

9. Golden Corgi

The Golden Corgi is an easy-going and social dog that loves companionship, but also a nice cuddle on the couch.