9 Disney Dog Names from Fairytales


Perdita’s human from “101 Dalmatians”.


Although Bolt would be the ideal name for a White Swiss Shepherd, you can still name other dog breeds “Bolt”. For example, a Husky named “Bolt”, or a German Shepherd named “Bolt”!


Who doesn’t know Dory? Oh, well, Dory doesn’t know Dory, but she does agree this name is a cool one.


Do you have a Poodle puppy with a pedigree? Then, you must name it Georgette, like the dog from “Oliver and Company”.


Cinderella’s dog. Did you know he was a bloodhound?


You may recognize her from Disney’s “Atlantis”. I would recommend this name for a courageous female dog.


One of the three brothers from “Brother Bear”.


As in little chef Remy, from “Ratatouille”.


Not naming your female Dalmatian Perdita would be just ridiculous.