9 Shepherd Dog Breeds: The Best Guide To The Herding Dog

1. Australian Shepherd

Aussies are excellent at keeping herds under control, and their limitless supply of energy ensures they are constantly moving at top speed.

2. Bohemian Shepherd

These canines watch over not just the sheep but also the people who lived with them.

3. German Shepherd

Despite their role nowadays, these pups were originally used for several things, including herding sheep and watching over them.

4. Old English Sheepdog

They can spend a lot of time enjoying outside activities, and their hard-working ethics will require you to plan a lot of exercise.

5. The Great Pyrenees

If this canine has something to do, they’ll take great pleasure in performing the duty, no matter what it is.

6. Beauceron

This is an exciting type of canine that qualifies as a shepherd dog breed because of their strong instincts to herd.

7. Finnish Lapphund

These canines are incredibly agile and can break into a full run from a strolling pace in a matter of seconds.

8. Bearded Collie

Because of their energetic dispositions, Bearded Collies are quite good at herding sheep.

9. Icelandic Sheepdog

This spitz dog is excellent at herding sheep, but they’re also inquisitive and joyful pets.