9 Akita Mixes for the Brave

9 Akita Mixes for the Brave

1. Akita Pit  (Akita x Pit Bull)

With this Akita and Pitbull mix, you’re sure to see a powerful doggo with strong, mighty jaws that they got from their Pitbull parent. Still, this mixed-breed dog is friendlier than the purebred Akita parent.

2. Huskita  (Akita x Husky)

This is a perfect Akita mix for outdoor activities - especially if you live in colder areas. Just don't forget to give him proper training!

3. Akipoo  (Akita x Poodle)

This is a low-maintenance pup that requires lots of mental stimulation.

     4. Akita Chow  (Akita x Chow Chow)

While adorable, this is a large dog that will shed in large amounts. Don't expect him to be too affectionate!

5. Newfoundkita (Akita x Newfoundland)

This mix results in a dog that is extremely affectionate and friendly towards everyone. Just keep in mind that he can grow up to be rather big!

6. Dalmakita  (Akita x Dalmatian)

Dalmakita are known for their strong prey drives, so this dog is not recommended if you have a cat or other small pets.

7. Samkita  (Akita x Samoyed)

If you’re looking for a lively dog, this mixed breed could be perfect for you. Samkitas are a hybrid dog of a cheerful nature who adore being and playing outside.

8. Corgita (Akita x Corgi)

This is a happy and playful doggo that surely is one of the cutest Akita mixes you can find.

9. Akitamute  (Akita x Malamute)

Prepare yourself for a big ball of fur, as this is a dog that sheds. Still, he'll be loyal to you till the end of time.