7 Beautiful Schnauzer Colors You'll Love

Salt And Pepper

A lovely combo of white, black, silver and grey make this Schnauzer look like he's been sprinkled with pepper and salt!

Solid Black

Most black Schnauzers come as Giant  Schnauzers, but they're equally stunning in every other size.

Black And Silver

The black and silver Shcnauzer is also known as the Phantom Schnauzer.


It's the miniature Schnauzer that usually comes in pure white. Their color stays the same througout their lifespan.


The wheaten coat color can range from beige to red, brown, yellow, and orange. They're one of the rarest Schnauzers.

Black Parti

Or simply, a black and white Schnauzer whose body is all black with white markings.

Platinum Silver

The lighter version of the salt and pepper Schnauzer is pretty rare.