7 Pomeranian Mixes: Too Cute To Handle


Pomskies make amazing family pets because they are friendly and love to be surrounded by humans and other animals as well.


Courage, friendliness, loyalty, and pride are just some of the virtues these dogs possess.


Besides playing and lounging around, receiving and giving kisses is one of their favorite things.


These dogs often look like they are smiling, which is suitable for their personality since they are friendly and loving pups.


Pomspitz are energetic dogs, and they need daily exercise, but since they are small and have little legs, they tire pretty fast.

La Pom

The La Pom is a dog that is extremely affectionate, but also independent, and it likes its alone time, but not for too long.


Yorkie Poms are always alert and tend to bark loudly, so you can say that they are quite the little watchdogs.