7 Cutest Bernese Mountain Dog Mixes Of All Time


This is a very healthy hybrid puppy that makes a great family pet with a fluffy, medium, low-shedding coat.

Golden Mountain Dog

This Golden Mountain Dog comes with a golden personality! An amazing gentle giant dog that gets along with all family members!


The Bernefie is a calm and sweet-natured dog that loves to chill and observe its surroundings!


When Border Collie's energy levels are mixed with the sound nature of the Berner, the Bordernese has an even-tempered mix.

Aussie Mountain Dog

When it’s not busy running outside, the Aussie Mountain Dog spends its time cuddling with its human family pack.


With both parents having the sweetest temperaments ever, the Labernese hybrid dog is one of the kindest pups you will ever meet.

Great Mountain Dog

The Great Mountain Dog crossbreed puppy makes an incredible watch dog with strong work ethics.