7 Perfect English Bulldog Mixes That You Will Simply Adore

Bulloxer: English Bulldog X Boxer

These dogs are sweet and lovable, and a little bit goofy. You can expect to get licked a lot if you have this dog as a family pet.

English Bull Staffy: English Bulldog X Staffordshire Terrier

English Bull Staffies are strong and brave, and therefore, great at protecting their property and family.

English American Bulldog: English Bulldog X American Bulldog

They are the larger version of the English Bulldog, and are equally (if not more) friendly, fun, and loving.

English Frenchie: English Bulldog X French Bulldog

These cuties may possess a stubborn streak, which makes them a bit difficult to train, and will require an experienced owner.

English Boodle: English Bulldog X Poodle

Boodles are fun and playful dogs to have. They are also sociable, and will get along well with other humans and pets.

Bull Pei: English Bulldog X Shar Pei

These pups are medium in size, but everything else comes in larger amounts. They are excellent guard dogs and companions.

Miniature Bulldog: English Bulldog X Pug

These pups have the famous snout and wrinkles, and their coat can either come in various colors (fawn, brindle, white) or be spotted with more colors.