7 Jack Russell Terrier Colors And Patterns For Everyone

1. White

Almost every white Jack Russell Terrier inherits a cute black nose and very dark, but adorable puppy eyes!

2. Tri-Colored

Tri-color JRTs come in three different colorful coat variants that include combinations of white with tan or black/brown.

3. Black And White

These courageous little hunting dogs typically have white bodies with black patches and markings.

4. Chestnut And White

The chestnut and light to dark brown shades in Jackies derive from black pigment genes.

5. Tan And White

Tan and white Jack Russell Terriers inherit signature tan markings on their cheeks and brows.

6. Lemon And White

Aside from eyes and ears, lemon-colored spots can occasionally be seen on Jack Russell Terrier’s muzzle and shoulders.

7. Red And White

The red and white Jack Russell Terrier’s nose holds a signature trait — a white blaze that spreads all along the nose.