5 Cavapoo Coat Colors You'll Fall For

5 Cavapoo Coat Colors You'll Fall For

1. Tri-Color Cavapoo

The tri-color Cavapoo consists of the following colors: apricot, red, tan, white, and black. These colors can be placed anywhere on the body and sometimes appear in patches.

2. Black Cavapoos

A solid black coat means no other coat colors are visible. This is a rare Cavapoo since the black gene is a recessive one from the Poodle parent.

3. White Cavapoos

To get a white Cavapoo, you need to breed a Cavalier King Charles with a white Poodle. Breeders usually breed a Blenheim-colored Cavalier King Charles, but once again, completely white Cavapoos are almost a miracle.

4. Red Cavapoos

A Red Cavapoo can be dark, solid, or light-colored. The red coat color comes in several hues, including chestnut and strawberry blond.

Because of the ruby-colored King Charles, red is a common Cavapoo color.

5. Chocolate Cavapoos

The gene that causes this coat color is recessive, rarer than the genes that cause red Cavapoos or apricot Cavapoos.

To get this coat color, the breeder must breed with a brown or a black Poodle.