These 5 Weimaraner Mixes Will Steal Your Heart

Labmaraner: Labrador Retriever X Weimaraner

This is a really sociable pup that loves spending its time with humans more than with other canines.

Weimardoodle: Poodle X Weimaraner

The Weimardoodle is extremely intelligent and strives to make its owner proud by completing training tasks successfully.

Pittmaraner: Pitbull X Weimaraner

What you can tell about Pittmaraners is that they’re fueled with passion in everything they do.

Beagiraner: Beagle X Weimaraner

The Beagiraner is bouncy in every single way you can imagine. So, yes – it does need a fair share of daily exercises.

Goldmaraner: Golden Retriever X Weimaraner

Goldmaraners love staying fit, and prefer to run around in circles other than just sit down and snooze all day long.