5 Cockapoo Colors You'll Adore!

Black Cockapoos can come in various sizes, from standard to mini, and it all depends on their parents’ genes.

Black Cockapoo

White Cockapoo

These white pooches have such an adorable and pure look to them that many people simply cannot resist them.

Champagne Cockapoo

In the past, they have been called “blonde,” but, color experts wanted to give them a name that would better describe their unique and stunning fur color. Champagne felt like the perfect solution for this color outfit.

The sable pattern is one of the richest and most striking ones on this list. Every puppy with a sable pattern is beautiful, but this one combined with adorable Cockapoos is a sight to see.

Sable Cockapoo

A phantom Cockapoo is a charming blend of colors that makes this pup stand out from the others. These pups can also inherit the fading gene, which means that as they age, the patches will be less visible.

Phantom Cockapoo