5 American Bully Mixes: Popular Mixes

Also called the “Colorado Bulldog,” this dog usually has a longer body than your average Bully and a bigger, more robust head and jaw.

#1 American Bully Pitbull Mix

#2 The Pocket American Bully Mix

Unlike some toy breeds like the Schnauzer or Poodle, this dog’s petite variant is a mixed designer dog made by breeding the standard American Bully with the Patterdale Terrier.

#3 The Bully Pitsky

It is a recently bred designer dog breed, but its popularity is growing worldwide due to its unusual appearance and desirable traits.

Brown Rice

#4 The American Labrabull

This mix of two family favorites seems like the friendliest dog in the world!

What all these breeds have in common is that they require a great deal of walking because they are very eager and curious dogs.

These mixed breed dogs don’t shed much, and their soft fur is easy to take care of and undemanding.