13 Aussiedoodle Colors 


1. Black Tri-Color

This tri-color Aussiedoodle comes in a black, white, and red color combination. The white patches are on its forehead, snout, chest, feet, and legs.

2. Red Tri-Color

Just like the Black tri-color, these Aussiedoodle dogs have a white patch on the snout, forehead, feet, and up the legs.

3. Black Phantom

It is called a black phantom aussiedoodle because of the tan color patches on the eyebrows, bottom part of the snout, and the sides of the face.

4. Black Bi-Color

These dogs have two colors, black and white. The white color is located on the forehead, snout, going down across the chest and belly, and up the legs.

5. Red Bi-Color

Similar to the black bi-color dogs, they have white color on their forehead, snout, chest, belly, feet, and legs.

6. Blue Merle

Blue merle Aussiedoodles have a mixture of black, gray, and white colors in numerous combinations, making a unique coat color pattern.

7. Blue Merle With Tan Points

This merle pattern offers limitless possibilities of color combinations, making each and every merle Aussiedoodle completely unique.

8. Blue Merle With White Points

These dogs are simply gorgeous with their blue merle coat and a lot of white color on their chest, snout, feet, and forehead.

9. Red Merle

These Aussiedoodles have red speckles, freckles, blotches, or smudged spots all over their bodies, without an apparent pattern.

10. Sable

Because the darker pigment is present in large amounts, the sable color is almost a shade of brown color.

11. Parti

Parti puppies have 50% or more of their body covered in white. There are no speckles, blotches, or mixes of any other colors.

12. Red Phantom

The red phantom aussiedoodle is a particularly rare coat color variation. The base color is red with tan color patches on the face, legs, and chest.

13. Solid Color

Super-rare! These Aussiedoodles can be a pure, solid white, or they can come with a gold hue on the tips of their ears, paws, and snout.