Siberian Husky Mixes: Meet 11 Wonderful Crossbreeds


Besides being smart, they are loving and sociable dogs. They love to keep their owner entertained!


By mixing two working breeds that are highly intelligent and smart, you will end up with a Rottsky - a mix that is worth admiring.


Chuskies may look cute, but they aren’t super friendly dogs. They tend to be a bit arrogant and stubborn, which is why they can be difficult to train.


Samusky puppies love cuddles, kisses, exercise, and outside activities, but keep in mind that the weather shouldn’t be too hot.

Pyrenees Husky

Pyrenees Huskies make amazing therapy and rescue dogs. They love to work and to be on the go.


As a combination of the Siberian Husky and Bulldog, this dog is courageous, which can sometimes get it into fights with other dogs.

Siberian Boston

These intelligent dogs are amazing guard dogs, and they do their best to alert their humans if there is any potential danger.


Huskimos are extremely intelligent, and they will learn anything that is expected of them with a breeze.

Dachshund Husky Mix

These dogs that are full of love and admiration for their owner. They can get a bit tricky though!

Siberian Cocker

Even though they don’t require a lot of exercise, Siberian Cockers will never pass up good playtime.


Huskitas love to be around their family members, so it is not advised to leave them for long periods of time.