11 Dog Captions for Instagram Everyone Will Love

Happy anni-fur-sary!

What an adorable way of announcing the day your companion joined your family!

I've had a ruff day.

A simple way of letting everyone know \you didn't get enough treats today.

Live, love, bark

Is there a better twist to this famous quote?

That's not dog hair - it's canine confetti!

A great way to explain why your black shirt is no longer black.

The more I know about men, the better I love my dog.

Need we say more?

Scratch a dog, and you’ll have a permanent job.

Your pup would agree.

What the Pug?!

Make wtp a new saying!

The Dogfather.

You're no longer a dog that, but rather a much more important figure.

He has a dog bed. This isn't it.

We are sure you have at least a dozen of pictures that could use this caption.

Dogs are my favorite people.

You won't be wrong.

Home is where the dog sleeps.

And where he plays. And barks. And cuddles...