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These 11 Schnauzer Mixes Will Make You Want One ASAP

1. Poodle Schnauzer Mix

They’re small, fluffy, and darn cute pooches, with a feisty temperament that turns on when needed.

2. Yorkshire Terrier Schnauzer Mix

The Snorkie is a big, cuddly, fluffy Schnauzer that makes a terrific family dog.

3. Maltese Schnauzer Mix

The Mauzer has been gaining popularity lately. Take one look at this cute pup, and you’ll realize why.

4. Shih Tzu Schnauzer Mix

Since Shih Tzus are the ultimate lap dogs and the most loyal companions you’ll ever have, you can expect this pup to behave the same way.

5. Basset Hound Schnauzer Mix

Bowzers are great family pets. They don’t have high energy levels, so you don’t have to spend all day outside with them.

6. Corgi Schnauzer Mix

The only thing stronger than a Schnorgi’s affectionate side is their stubbornness.

7. Schnauzer Boston Terrier Mix

With a huge tendency to have fun and make people happy, the Miniboz brings laughter wherever he goes.

8. Schnauzer Bichon Frise Mix

The Chonzer looks like a slightly bigger Bichon Frise, with the Schnauzer’s lovely face and kind eyes.

9. Havanese Schnauzer Mix

If you want a loyal pup that will shower you with affection, the Schnese is the pup for you.

10. Jack Russell Schnauzer Mix

This pup won’t show you affection like some other Schnauzer mixes, but to question their loyalty would just be silly.

11.  Lhasa Apso Schnauzer Mix

The Schapso is pretty lovely, with an adorable face and soft coat. You can find them in all sorts of colors, from apricot to gray and brindle.