11 Adorable Poodle Haircuts for Your Pooch

1. Lamb Cut

This type of haircut has become quite high in demand in the last few years, and it’s not difficult to guess why that is so.

2. Bob Cut

This isn't a standard Poodle cut, but it will bring attention to your pooch no matter where you go.

3. English Saddle Cut

Also known as the Saddler, the English Saddle haircut seems to be a quite grandiose and charming hairstyle that concentrates on creating poofs of fur instead of chopping.

4. Scandinavian Cut

Also known as the 'T-Cut', this hairstyle isn't very common in the U.S., but this will only help your Poodle stand out.

5. Royal Dutch Cut

A highly elegant style like this one is frequently present in all sorts of canine shows and contests as it represents one of the best Poodle haircuts.

6. Miami Cut

This low-maintenance summer hairstyle is often called the “Bikini cut” because the Poodle coat fur is stripped from most of its body.

7. Princess Cut

If you'd like your Poodle girl (or even Poodle boy!) to look irresistibly cute, you might want to give it this cut.

8. Teddy Bear Cut

This cut is perfect for your young pooch, as it will make your doggie as charming as ever.

9. Continental Cut

This fashionable haircut, inspired by contemporary culture's "classic poodle" look, is one of only two trims authorized by the AKC in dog competitions and shows.

10. Jacket and Pants Cut

If you’re looking for unique coat fur cuts, this one is definitely one of the most distinctive Poodle hairstyles available.

11. Cupcake Cut

The one of the most adorable looks out there, it will undoubtedly give your pooch the appearance everyone will envy him for.