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5 Beautiful Ways To Keep The Memory Of Your Dog Alive

5 Beautiful Ways To Keep The Memory Of Your Dog Alive

There is one topic all dog lovers avoid to talk about, but we cannot run from it forever. The truth is unpleasant – we are all going to lose our furry companions eventually.

This is so hard to imagine, let alone experience and survive. But, we need to stay positive and brave. Many of our dogs will not live too long, and, no matter how long they live, it will always be too little for us.

Saying goodbye is never easy, and one thing that can make you feel better is knowing that your favorite dog has had a wonderful life with you and your family.

Now, you need to give yourself some time to accept that your furry friend is gone. Some people accept this sooner, and some take longer. However, it is important that everyone has their own course of recovery, grieving, and acceptance.

Your furry companion might no longer be physically present with you, but there is something you can do to always feel the closeness of your favorite pet.

Take a look at these 5 ways to keep the memory of your dog alive.

What Are Some Ways To Keep The Memory Of Your Dog Alive?

Your dog will never really die, just as long as you keep the memory of him alive. 

Let’s see some ways you can do this.

1. Resting Place For Your Dog

pet cemetery in forest

After you have noticed signs that your dog is dying, you were in disbelief and hoped to have many more wonderful moments to share with your pet.

However, all dog owners, especially those who have senior dogs, need to be prepared for this moment. You need to be lucid when the time comes, since your dog will need you to be there for him.

I am sure all of you will do their best to make your dogs’ last moments calm and dignified.

One of the lovely ways to keep the memory of your dog alive is to have a final resting place for your favorite pet.

You can choose some place in your garden, or near your home, or some place your dog really loved to be his final resting place.

You can even organize a funeral for your dog. You might want some of your closest friends to be there with you to say the final goodby to a dog that has made your life so much better.

2. Portrait Of Your Dog

You are sure you will keep the image of your dog in your mind forever, no matter how many years pass.

If you want to have a long-lasting memory of your dog in your home, just like you have his image forever captured in your mind, a beautiful way to do this is to have a portrait of your dog made by a professional photographer.

You can keep your dog’s portrait in your hallway, or in your living room. This way, your dog will still be with you – at least in some way.

3. Photo Album

photos of deceased dog and flowers

I am sure you have thousands of pictures of your dog on your cell phone. So, why not use them to keep the memory of your dog alive?

You can turn all of these photos into a big photo album of your favorite dog. This way, every time you think of your deceased dog, you can take out the photo album and to see again all those beautiful moments and activities you and your dog had together.

Just think how happy you made your dog, just like he made your life full of joy. These photos will always remind you of the most loyal friend you ever had.

4. Write Down Your Thoughts

Many people have a hard time talking about their feelings. This might be especially hard with experiences like losing a dog.

Your family and friends will ask you how you are feeling, with the best possible intention. But, you might want everybody to leave you alone. Some people will want to go through their grieving alone.

This is perfectly fine. If you are feeling like this right now, I would like to suggest something to you. Write down your thoughts and feelings on a piece of paper.

You can write as much as you want. You can even write all the things you can remember about your dog and the time you two spent together.

After you are done writing, keep these words in a safe place. If you someday in the future feel like you have started forgetting certain things about your dog, you can always read your own thoughts again.

By doing this, you will always remember those wonderful years you spent with your furry friend.

5. Make A Memory Box

photo of dog and memory box

A leash, a collar, food bowls, toys, blankets… Your dog’s things are all over your place, and it is so hard for you to look at them right now.

You might even consider getting rid of them, so the pain and the memory of your dog will go away. But, things don’t work this way. You need to give yourself some time to feel better.

And, I would also not recommend that you get rid of all of your dog’s possessions. Instead, you can make a memory box of your dog’s stuff.

Believe me, one day you will be glad to see all those things again. And, I am sure you will have a big smile on your face while looking at your dearest dog’s possessions!

All of those wonderful memories will come to you again, even when you look at your dog’s things years after he has passed away.

I Recently Lost A Dog: How Long Should I Wait To Get Another One?

woman holding her puppy on the bed

It’s okay to be sad, and your grief should have no expiration date – this is something your deceased dog would want you to know.

So, give yourself as much time as you need. Eventually, you will feel better, and you will learn how to live without your dog, but, at the same time, you will still keep his memory alive. 

Many dog owners will eventually start thinking whether they are ready for another dog, after their first dog passed away.

This will depend on every individual person. Some dog owners will be happy to spend time with other dogs, like, for example, dogs of their friends. However, this would be too painful for some other people, especially at the beginning.

You should not rush to get a new dog. For starters, you can start volunteering in a local shelter to spend some time with those wonderful dogs in need.

Maybe you just fell in love with one of these dogs! And, there will be no better feeling than giving a safe home to an abandoned dog.

Some people will start healing after a couple of weeks, while some will still feel sad even months after their dog’s death.

So, no matter how you feel right now – it is perfectly normal. Just remember that you can still have a new dog, and keep the memory of your first dog alive.

There are so many dogs out there that you can love as much as you have loved your first dog. Just make sure you are ready to give your time and attention to a dog, before you welcome him in your home.

Bottom Line

The pain of losing a dog is indescribable, and someone who has not experienced this probably cannot fully understand this grief.

I want to tell all dog owners to be strong and to be guided by the thought that they have given their pets a beautiful life, a safe home, and great love. And we can only thank our dogs for being such loyal and irreplaceable friends.

The sadness of losing a dog is great, but growing up with a dog and sharing life’s activities with furry friends is a priceless experience.

I hope that these words on 5 ways to keep the memory of your dog alive have been helpful, and that you have found your perfect way to always keep your dog close to you – in your thoughts and in your heart.