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Watch This Therapy Dog’s Heartwarming Ceremony After Beating Cancer

Watch This Therapy Dog’s Heartwarming Ceremony After Beating Cancer

For many years, Quinn, a red Golden Retriever, provided solace to the patients and brought joy to everyone at Randolph Health, in Asheboro, North Carolina. 

However, this year, it was Quinn, himself, who required the same comfort and affection.  

Six-year-old Quinn, who is a certified therapy dog and volunteer at Randolph Health, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive type of lymphomaa rapidly progressive cancer that affects the blood. 

After completing the 12 rounds of chemotherapy, Quinn is now in remission! 

His owner, Marsha Rogers, wanted to celebrate his victorious completion of treatments and honor his battle with cancer with a bell-ringing ceremony, just like humans do. 

It was a memorable day for all present. 

A Small, Yet Mighty Warrior

photo of a dog
Source: Randolph Health

A couple of months ago, Quinn, who used to be a happy-go-lucky furry companion, started to act weird all of a sudden. 

When he refused to eat for a week, Marsha knew there was something terribly wrong. 

“I’ll never forget the day. My vet called and said, ‘Marsha, I hate to tell you this, but I really think Quinn has lymphoma,’” Marsha recalled to Fox News

Fortunately, Marsha got pet insurance when Quinn was just a small puppy, having already experienced the loss of a dog due to cancer. 

Shortly after his diagnosis, Quinn started his chemotherapy. 

“If we had not done the chemo, he would be gone already. It’s like 6–8 weeks that he would have had,” Marsha said. 

This furry companion has been positively impacting both cancer patients and the staff at Randolph Health ever since the therapy program was launched. 

Without him, the hospital would be a much sadder place. 

PJ Richards, public relations director for Randolph Health, told Randolph Record: “Quinn offered staff so much comfort and love during an unimaginable time in history. Every staff member has been positively affected by Quinn’s calming and supportive presence and we love to spoil him with treats.”

So, when Quinn finally endured all his chemotherapy treatments, the hospital was eager to honor this furry warrior. 

Quinn Rings The Bell

“I wanted him to be recognized for that. I wanted the love to return to him that he’d given out. I am nothing with Quinn. All I do is hold the leash and go in. He runs the show. Quinn knows every room to go in at the hospital,” Marsha told Fox News. 

Once Quinn’s treatments were over, Patty Cox, a nursing director at Randolph Health, quickly organized a bell-ringing ceremony, and even crafted a custom wooden bell holder with Quinn’s name engraved on it. 

When the day of celebration finally came and Quinn entered the private room full of people who loved him, there was not a single dry eye in the room. 

“It’s impossible to describe through words or by pen the joy you have brought us and the comfort you have been. You came through our doors like a beacon of light. Your visits were timely and much needed too, no one was aware of the battle soon facing you. Lymphoma hit hard like a punch in the gut, but you fought like a true warrior and kicked cancer’s butt,” it was said in the speech by Randolph Health’s staff.

Quinn walked to the bell and proudly rang it like the true, unstoppable champion he is. 

This magical day will forever be remembered. 

“The sad thing is, lymphoma is not curable. It’s treatable, but it’s not curable. So each day, I’m thankful he’s still with me,” Marsha said.  

Quinn, you are truly a hero, and I wish you many more cancer-free years. May your life be filled with only treats and smiles, you sweet boy.