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Shelter Volunteer Is Heartbroken To Say Goodbye To Her Favorite Dog After He Gets Adopted

Shelter Volunteer Is Heartbroken To Say Goodbye To Her Favorite Dog After He Gets Adopted

When Olivia Boblet started volunteering at the SPCA of Southwest Michigan, she never thought that she would fall head over heels in love with a pup the moment she met him.

His name was Otis and he had the most adorable, soulful eyes. He was a real sweetheart who needed a lot of love.  

Olivia felt saddened after she learned of his story. His family surrendered him to a shelter after a house fire broke out. They had to move to another home and they could no longer keep Otis.

During his first days at the shelter, the sweet canine kept whining in his kennel. He missed his family and he didn’t understand why he was separated from them.

Helping Otis Overcome His Sadness

Olivia, along with other shelter staff and volunteers, did everything she could to cheer him up. They showered him with love and Otis started feeling better. The pup loved going on walks with his shelter friends. It was the highlight of his day. 

As soon as he would see Olivia approaching his cage, he would smile and his eyes would radiate with joy.

Olivia enjoyed watching him turn into a totally different pup whenever she would take him outside. Otis loved doing zoomies, and he was the happiest pup when he was in the play yards. He disliked going back to the kennel.

“He just wanted to stay out and play and enjoy what a normal dog enjoys. Seeing him get the zoomies and just de-stress and let it all out and be so happy was, I don’t know, it just made me happy because I knew that I was making him happy by going there and taking him outside,” Olivia told GeoBeats Animals.

Olivia got very attached to Otis, and she couldn’t stop thinking about him when she was home. Imagining him sitting in the shelter kennel made her cry.

Knowing that Otis was in a great shelter made her feel better. He had great shelter friends who did their best to make him as happy as possible.

Otis didn’t receive a lot of interest from potential adopters until one day, a family came to meet him. Olivia was both happy and sad. She wanted him to get his happy ending, but she knew she would miss him terribly.

Just when she thought her adorable boi had found his happiness, she learned that the family realized that they couldn’t take him home after all. Olivia went to his kennel to comfort him and she took him for a walk.

Making Great Memories Together

Olivia’s family and her boyfriend’s family knew about Otis and how much she loved him. She told them about her sweet pooch and her family and friends came to visit him.

Otis felt overjoyed because Olivia gave him all her love. Every time she would come to his kennel, he would melt in her arms, giving her the most adorable hugs.

Olivia and Otis made many happy memories together, but there is one memory that is very special to Olivia. It was the day when she realized that Otis came out of his shell.

“I’ll never forget, two months into knowing him I took him outside and it was like after a rainy day. So the play yards were kind of muddy. And he got the zoomies and he accidentally ran into me and swept me off my feet. I landed straight on my back and I was so embarrassed. I got up, I’m like looking around making sure nobody saw it, but he was just so happy,” she recalled.

Olivia wanted to give him a forever home, but unfortunately, he couldn’t live with her at the place she had lived at the time.

Otis Finds His Forever Home

She planned to move to another home in June of 2023 and adopt Otis if he was still at the shelter.

However, in May of 2023, Otis met a wonderful family, and he captivated their heart with his adorable personality and his irresistible smile. They decided to adopt him.

Before Otis left the Michigan shelter, he said goodbye to the shelter staff and to Olivia, his beloved volunteer who filled his shelter days with so much happiness. 

Olivia wished she could have been his forever mom, but she was glad that the charming doggo found his happily-ever-after.

Otis enjoys sleeping in his cozy bed and getting goodnight kisses from his parents and his two human sisters who adore him.

His new mom sent updates about him to Olivia. Otis’ favorite volunteer was over the moon when she saw how much Otis loved his new family. He is living his best life.