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Volunteer Finds A Starving Dog Lying Helplessly In The Nearby Bushes And Immediately Rushes To Help

Volunteer Finds A Starving Dog Lying Helplessly In The Nearby Bushes And Immediately Rushes To Help

It takes a huge heart to be a dog rescuer, and not just in the “feeling empathy” context. Sometimes, you need a great deal of strength to withstand the heartache when finding a dog in terrible conditions.

When one of the volunteers of the Dog Care Clinic team found one lying helplessly in the nearby bushes, she immediately stopped in her tracks.

Starving, malnourished, and barely alive, the pup couldn’t do anything but give the woman a heartbreaking look, making her realize – he was abandoned there!

The Last-Minute Rescue

“First thing in the morning, we come to work, park at the parking lot and we couldn’t believe our eyes,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

The dog was tied to a tree right next to the organization’s parking lot. Someone cruelly left him there for good without thinking twice – and now all he had in this world was his wounds from the past.

The volunteers spared no time to rush into action. Given the dog’s appearance, it was only a matter of time before they couldn’t help him anymore. He was less than 35 pounds, which was extremely below his normal weight.

Later named Pablo, this shy boi was hardly recognizable as a Boxer mix. He had wounds all over his body, which made it pretty hard to detect. 

After the first checkup, he was diagnosed with a whole set of issues, including babesiosis and demodicosis.

He was literally only a few moments away from the inevitable, but the good people of DCC stumbled upon him just in time!

Remarkable Progress In Only Three Weeks

Even though it looked like Pablo’s recovery was a long shot – he took everyone by surprise in just a few short weeks!

Pablo, the scared pup, started receiving his treatment, and soon enough, he blossomed into a brand-new dog.

It was quite a challenge for his caregivers to get this doggo to trust them, but eventually, Pablo came out of his shell – completely. He started to go out and play with other dogs, as well as let people finally touch him and give him pats on the back.

Pablo’s trauma was still quite big, but it was evident that this boi was decompressing.

“His general condition was so bad that our vets weren’t sure if he would survive the coming days. Now, three weeks later, Pablo is not out of the wood yet, but he’s already made significant progress. His weight gain alone is remarkable,” the DCC team wrote on Facebook.

He finally learned what a loving hand of a hooman feels like. And, he made a lot of friends along the way, too!

A Brand-New Dog – With A Brand-New Story

It didn’t take long for this sweet, now extremely active, dog to steal someone’s heart for life!

A local man who lives nearby met Pablo while visiting the facility, and he immediately fell in love. Pablo, on the other hand, reciprocated with a warm welcome for the new hooman – and this sweet encounter could only end one way.

The man decided to give this resilient canine another chance! He adopted Pablo, and from that day on – the two embarked upon a new life adventure together.

man and dog on the beach
Source: The Dodo

Today, this sweet dog lives the life he always dreamed of, and he couldn’t be happier.

Together with his hooman, he regularly visits the beach, which is his absolute favorite activity in the world! Despite everything he’d been through in his past, Pablo’s finally in the right place, far away from neglect and abuse.

From now on, his days will be filled with love, laughter, and lots of cuddles!