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Virginia Family Rescues A Pup While On A Trip Giving Him A Perfect Home

Virginia Family Rescues A Pup While On A Trip Giving Him A Perfect Home

It’s hard to imagine that some dog owners can give up on their lovely pups and abandon them without worrying about their safety.

Sadly, many canines end up feeling sad and confused after their heartless owners leave them on the streets.

The loyal pups keep waiting at the same spot where they were dumped, hoping that soon, they will hug their parents again.

While they spend their first nights on the streets, they feel scared. They would give anything to have a home again and loving humans to kiss them goodnight.

Cheese was one of the sweet dogs who was left all alone on the side of a road. At first, the sweet dog didn’t understand that his owners betrayed him, and he kept waiting for them to pick him up.

While he was hoping to see the familiar faces of his owners, little did he know that a pair of giant-hearted humans would soon come to his rescue.

Good Samaritans Find The Pup

A kind couple from Virginia came across the sweet doggo while they were on a cross-country trip. They were on their way to visit their family when they saw the sweetest boi standing all alone on the side of the road in Wichita, Kansas.

His adorable eyes melted their hearts.

The couple knew right away that they had to help him, and they also tried to gain the pup’s trust. After about an hour, they convinced him to enter their car and come with them.

They drove the doggo, later named Cheese, to Wichita Animal Services. As soon as the shelter staff met the charming canine, they became enchanted with him.

In order to get the care Cheese needed, he was transferred to Kansas Humane Society. The staff scanned him, but they found no microchip.

The Family Decides To Take The Pup Home

The family who found Cheese realized that they fell head over heels in love with him. 

They canceled their flight home and headed to the Kansas Humane Society Intake Department to fill out the adoption paperwork.

The staff told them that Cheese got infected with Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex, which is a contagious doggy cold. 

The setback didn’t deter the couple. They were determined to adopt Cheese and they placed a hold on the adorable pup. 

They returned to Virginia and they eagerly waited for Cheese to make a complete recovery. 

As soon as the sweet pooch was medically cleared for adoption, the family immediately booked their flight to Wichita.

The Pooch Starts The Happiest Chapter Of His Life

Cheese’s new dad came to the shelter to pick him up and the doggo threw himself in his arms. They were both overjoyed to be reunited. 

The staff at Kansas Humane Society got attached to the adorable dog. They loved snuggling with him and seeing his smiling face every day. Although they knew they would miss him, they were happy that their lovely boi found the perfect family.

“It brings us great joy whenever any of our animals leave for their forever homes, but this one was particularly special for a lot of our staff had grown attached to him. We wish him nothing but happiness in Virginia. The family loves him a lot, and we were happy to bring them together,” the shelter wrote on Facebook.

The pup’s eyes sparkled with happiness when he realized that he was going home. He had a wide smile on his face while he was sitting in the back seat of his dad’s car.

guy and his dog sitting in the car
Source: @jackcalellie

After traveling for a couple of days, Cheese arrived at his forever home in Virginia. He was over the moon. His greatest dream came true. He finally had wonderful parents and a loving home.

The doggo enjoys covering his family in kisses and showing them how much he loves them.

couple with their dogs on beach
Source: @jackcalellie

Cheese has a dog brother named Gus, and the two canines love traveling with their forever parents. They live their best life and their family showers them with love.

We’re thrilled that Cheese found his place under the sun. From now on, he will only know happiness and love. We wish him many wonderful adventures with his loving family.