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Villagers Noticed There Was Something Strange About The Pack Of Dogs That Were Nearby

Villagers Noticed There Was Something Strange About The Pack Of Dogs That Were Nearby

As soon as the villagers heard barking of what seemed to be a baby dog, they rushed to help the creature, thinking that it could be in trouble. The first thing they saw was a pack of stray dogs and a little baby who was running away from them.

The moment they laid their eyes on the tiny animal that was barking, they realized that he was not a pup at all. He was actually a muntjac deer who ventured from a nearby forest.

Reaching Out To Wildlife Rescue

The concerned locals called WFFT, a wildlife rescue, and asked for their help. 

The rescuers immediately arrived and took the sweet baby deer to the wildlife hospital. Ever since he arrived, he stole the hearts of the hospital staff.

The vets estimated that he was only a couple of days old. They assumed that he had wandered away from his mom. After he found himself among street dogs, he barked because he felt that he was in danger.

Muntjac deer are known for their barking when they find themselves near predators. The cute baby, who was named Cha Lao, wouldn’t have been able to live on his own much longer. He was too weak and small. 

Providing Him With Life-Saving Care

At the hospital, Cha Lao was given a thorough medical examination and provided with specialist care, which was essential for his survival.

The staff wrapped him in a blanket and the adorable baby felt safe. They fed him with a bottle. After finishing his bottle, Cha Lao always licked his mouth. His caregivers were happy to see that he enjoyed drinking warm milk.

Cha Lao felt much more relaxed and the hospital staff enjoyed pampering him with care. The lovely baby liked going on walks around the hospital and he happily explored his surroundings. At first, his legs were wobbly, and he needed to gain more strength.

WFFT shared that the brave baby deer continues to flourish in their care. They are overjoyed with the progress he has made so far and they are sure that he will soon make a complete recovery.

They plan to release Cha Lao back into the wild when they determine that he has gained enough strength and that he is ready. They will carefully choose the place where he won’t be threatened by humans.

We’re happy that the sweet deer was saved in time and that he is now in excellent hands.