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7 Videos Of Dogs That Are Guilty As Charged

7 Videos Of Dogs That Are Guilty As Charged

I know we shouldn’t be laughing, but come on! How can you not laugh when you see one hiding in the corner, knowing he did something wrong.

Guilty dogs are my guilty pleasure. Nothing makes my day better than a compilation of hilarious videos featuring dogs that are guilty as charged. 

Sometimes, they chew house slippers. Sometimes, they destroy trash cans.

But, everytime, they make me LOL hard and I bet you will, too! 

Denver, The Pioneer Of Guilty Dogs

dog with bag of kitty treats
Source: YouTube

Okay, you definitely saw Denver before, but we have to give her an honorable mention.

Sadly, Denver passed away at the age of 14, back in 2018. That doesn’t stop us from remembering the time she chewed a bag of kitty treats. 

When the owner came home, he found the said bag and immediately went to the other dog, Macy. Of course, Macy had no idea what had happened. Her poor, innocent face didn’t lie.

But, the owner knew exactly where to find the real culprit. It was Denver all along. 

Cornered, with her ears down and eyes shut, Denver couldn’t even look at the chewed treat bag her owner had right before her nose. She knew she was guilty as charged. 

Denver showed her owner a huge grin as if she was saying: Yes, it was me… sorry dad. I’m not really proud, but I couldn’t help myself.

Harley, The Shoe Thief

guilty dog trying to hide
Source: YouTube

Those were brand new slippers. The owner didn’t even have the chance to wear them. But, Harley didn’t really care about that. The smell of fresh fabric and the softness in his mouth were good enough for Harley. 

He absolutely wrecked the slipper, leaving nothing to salvage! 

Guess he owns him a pair of new ones. But, according to the look on Harley’s face, he’d much rather forget the entire thing.

Harley couldn’t escape the much-earned scolding. Slowly backing up didn’t work either. All Harley could do was stand there with his head down, accepting the lecture. 

She Scolded The Wrong Dog

dog standing in a bathroom with trash everywhere
Source: YouTube

Imagine coming home to a wrecked place with trash from the bathroom everywhere. The only suspects are your two dogs, and one of them is highly prone to mischief.

What do you do?

You scold the usual culprit, of course. That’s exactly what the woman in this video did. As she said, she yelled at her dog, Erica, as she normally does when Erica does something bad.

But, poor Erica was just sitting on the sofa acting all innocent like she really was. If Erika could talk, she’d say: I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Still someone else knew exactly what had happened.

Lina, the German Shepherd, was hiding in the corner, obviously guilty. But, it wasn’t Lina’s face that told her off. 

Lina had the lid of the trashcan stuck around her neck! She acted like it was her new statement collar. 

What trashcan? I have no recollection of digging through the trash. 

One Sweet Thief 

dog looking at empty chocolate box in owner's hand
Source: YouTube

Jackson had a pretty bad case of a sweet tooth. 

That morning, when his family went out, Jackson pretended he would stay put in his kennel, waiting for them to come back. 

Little did the family know that Jax loves to lie about being a good boy. Whenever the family would go out, Jax would escape his kennel and roam freely throughout the house.

But, it wasn’t Jackson’s fault that he ate that salted caramel chocolate. The hoomans shouldn’t have left it there. Poor pup just couldn’t resist the ooey gooey deliciousness.

When his mom came back and found the empty chocolate box, she had to confront him. 

Of course, Jackson acted silly like he wasn’t guilty at all. He barely looked at the chewed chocolate wrapper and gave it a light sniff as if he was saying: I never saw that thing before in my life.

Jax tried hard, but his little hooman sister couldn’t save him from the punishment. Mom sent him to time out and he immediately went there. 

Sorry, Jax… dogs shouldn’t really have chocolate, especially not a special salted caramel one that mom saved just for herself.

No Sense Of Guilt At All

dog looking at slipper he  chewed
Source: YouTube

Mieka, the Weimaraner, gave her hooman a bombastic side-eye for scolding her. 

Apparently, the hooman came home and found that one of his slippers was chewed up. Of course, the only culprit could be Mieka. No one else would be that brave or stupid to do it to his favorite pair of slippers. 

Mieka acted like she had no sense of guilt at all. 

You can almost hear her say: So what, hooman! Big deal! 

O-Oh, Busted!

dog hiding from his owner in the kitchen
Source: YouTube

This little thief was busted trying to break into a kitchen cabinet. 

Good news is, dogs have no thumbs, so opening anything is quite difficult. Another good news is that he did get caught.

Poco, the bad dog in this video, froze instantly when his mom caught him red-handed. The poor pup probably thought: If I stand perfectly still, maybe she won’t notice me. 

Too bad dogs aren’t magicians, right Poco? You’re pretty hard to ignore, lil’ buddy! 

Pawtners In Crime

two dogs looking guilty after chewing shoe insole
Source: YouTube

Did you know it takes two dogs to chew a shoe insole? 

One of them chews the insole, and the other watches so the owner doesn’t catch them.

Of course, dogs are dogs, and they can’t hide their crime. The owner found the destroyed insole and he wasn’t happy about it at all. Of course, he had to confront the two main suspects: a Dachshund named Oddie, and a Pitbull named Senor. 

Neither one of them could look at the owner. Oddie kept a poker face, trying to act like he saw the insole for the first time. 

And, the other dog?

Guess he was the one that actually did the crime because he turned his back, feeling too guilty to even look at what he did. 

This wasn’t the first time that Senor and Oddie worked together. Apparently, they do this all the time and the owner never has two of the same slides or flip flops. 

Senor and Oddie are definitely one of the guiltiest-looking dogs you’ll ever see.