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Video Showing A Golden Retriever Patiently Waiting For A Door To Be Opened Went Viral

Video Showing A Golden Retriever Patiently Waiting For A Door To Be Opened Went Viral

All dogs are special in their own way and have something that we fall in love with. However, some breeds are simply irresistible, and this is best shown by the various statistics of their popularity.

One of them is certainly Golden Retrievers, which have been at the top of the popularity list in the USA for years. For most people, whatever these beautiful golden dogs do is somehow nice and heartwarming. 

This was exactly the reaction of people when they saw the video of one Goldie who found herself in front of the closed door of her home after her owners accidentally forgot her. 

Polite Reaction That Delighted Them

A two-year-old Golden Retriever named Walley, who lives in Huron, Ohio, with her pawrents, Whitney Rhoad, and her wife, Ashley, came into their lives after their previous Golden named Malibu passed away. 

These two dog lovers were always in love with this beautiful breed, so they immediately got Walley after their Malibu crossed the rainbow bridge. It quickly turned out to be the best move because this dog immediately started bringing them a lot of joy.

However, the situation when they accidentally forgot about Walley and left her behind the locked door of the apartment will definitely remain etched in their memories forever.

A TikTok video posted by @whitneyrhoad shows confused Walley in front of their apartment door with the toy in her teeth, captured by the doorbell camera. 

golden retriever waiting
Source: @whitneyrhoad

The caption of the video that reads “When you accidentally lock the dog out,” shows that her owners forgot about her. 

However, that didn’t worry her too much as she sat down in front of the door, fixed her gaze on the doorbell camera politely “asking” to be let back in, and patiently waited. 

“She was only outside for about 5-10 seconds—my wife walked in our door before I did because I had stopped to talk to someone in the building,” Rhoad told Newsweek. “We always let Walleye stop by our neighbor’s house before ours because she leaves a treat outside of her door for her. Ashley, my wife, thought I still had her and I thought she had her, but in reality she was at my neighbor’s pigging out on treats, ha!”

In the end, there was no harm done as Walley quickly got into the apartment, but that’s why the doorbell camera recorded the heartwarming moments that will soon go down in history. 


good thing we have a doorbell cam 🤣 #goldenretriever #dogsoftiktok @ashleia21

♬ original sound – Whitney Rhoad

Viral Video

This heartwarming scene did not only remain within the building of Huron, Ohio, but captured hearts all around the world

There were many comments on this TikTok video and we highlighted only a few of them. 

comments on social media
Source: @whitneyrhoad

“I love how polite she sits to wait 🥹,” one user wrote. 

“Aw she was so patient. LOL,” another added. 

And, even the popular @weratedogs commented: “the stare directly into the camera 😭”

Rhoad initially had no intention of sharing this video on TikTok, only sending it to her closest friends.

“But I figured that the video made me laugh, so it would probably make others laugh too,” she said. “I didn’t expect it to blow up the way it did, but I’m happy to share Walleye with the world!”