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A Video Of Clumsy Frenchy Failing To Descend The Stairs Takes The Internet By Storm

A Video Of Clumsy Frenchy Failing To Descend The Stairs Takes The Internet By Storm

Dogs are creatures that will never let us down. Their loyalty and love for humans is something that cannot be measured, and that is why we adore them so much. 

But, besides that, our canine friends can often make us laugh to the point of tears. At a time when their every move is posted on the Internet, we can all enjoy their show. 

In the endless number of records on TikTok, Instagram, and other platforms, the video of a clumsy French Bulldog from Massachusetts failing to get down the stairs made many laugh and captured numerous hearts. 

It is a sight that shows why this breed has become one of the most popular in the U.S. in recent years.

Cutest Front Roll

man and dog walking off the porch
Source: @kadilakhomes

A short video posted by TikTok user @kadilakhomes from Massachusetts has attracted a lot of attention in quite a short time. 

At the very beginning, it seems that this is an ordinary surveillance camera video, but then, suddenly, a tiny Frenchy named Luna and her owner appear. The owner slowly descends the stairs in the yard of the house with one step, not looking at all what his pet will do.

Although nothing indicates a specific situation, after extending her leg toward the first step, this dog immediately refutes both the owner and the spectators of the video. 

Before the owner can even turn around, the Frenchy disappears under the stairs with a light “boom”, but after a few moments, her little head pops up again. 

clumsy french bulldog falling
Source: @kadilakhomes

If you rewind the video a few seconds in and look closely at what happened, you can see this cute dog doing a double reel ahead before she lands on the floor in front of the stairs. 

Since the moment was caught on a surveillance camera, the owner couldn’t resist cutting the video and sharing it with his followers on TikTok.

@kadilakhomes Reposting from Instagram… she is okay! No french bulldogs were injured in the making of this video, so feel free to laugh😂 #frenchbulldoglife #clumsydog #funnydogvideos #caughtoncamera #caughtonring ♬ Funny – Gold-Tiger

Hooman Passed The Test

As I already wrote, this video attracted a lot of attention, and therefore, caused numerous reactions. The comments were mostly positive, and this cute scene caused many to giggle. 

“The way she just….. just whatever it is that she did…. *thump*,” one user wrote. 

“he hit the gas before the legs were engaged 😂🤣” another added. 

And, a third quipped: “I know I shouldn’t laugh but it was funny! 🐶❤️”

However, some were concerned about the health of this poor dog after such a fall and how her owner reacted. 

“Not me watching more than once wondering what the human done did 😅” one user was concerned. 

She didn’t have to wait long for an answer in the form of an update

man checking on dog
Source: @kadilakhomes

“This was a couple weeks ago for everyone concerned that she may have injured her back, shes fine!❤️💕 These stairs are only 3 steps and she’s very cautious around them now lol,” the caption reads.

In the new video, you can clearly see how the owner immediately reacts by petting Luna and taking her back to the house to check if everything is okay.

In the end, this video does not end tragically, as one might guess at the beginning, but it shows that even in these situations, it is a blessing to have a best furry friend. 

When it seems the least, a dog is able to bring a smile to your face.