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Rescuers Shocked To Discover The Unexpected Surprise Next To The Abandoned Dog

Rescuers Shocked To Discover The Unexpected Surprise Next To The Abandoned Dog

Sometimes, you just need to be in the right place at the right time – and your whole life can change! 

That’s exactly what happened to Penny Lane – a sweet, abandoned doggo wandering the streets without a plan. She was completely malnourished and in great need of a shelter when a kind passerby spotted her and immediately called for help.

The team of Lola’s Lucky Day, a rescue in Houston, Texas, immediately rushed into action to save this tiny girl who happened to keep a big secret at the time!

Penny Lane Mastering A New Life Role

The good people of Lola’s Lucky Day brought Penny Lane into their facility, and soon enough, they learned – she was carrying a litter!

“Penny was found wandering as a stray and pregnant.  A plea was put out to get her some help.  Our volunteer drove out to get her safe and taken to the vet for x-rays.  She was due any day now,” the rescue wrote on Facebook.

The team did everything they could to help this pregnant momma recover. Due to her long stay on the streets, she was extremely emaciated and didn’t eat properly, which caused her to lose her strength.

Even though it seemed that Penny would deliver her babies the natural way, the night she went into labor, she went through some complications.

Her caregivers took her to Pearland 288 Animal Emergency Clinic, where she was examined. As it turned out, Penny needed a C-section in order to deliver her babies safely, as she was still quite malnourished.

“Her wonderful vet and staff at Pearland 288 Animal Emergency Clinic decided she needed to have a c-section in order for her and the puppies to survive,” the LLD team wrote.

The surgery went extremely well, and only a few hours later – this stray momma was finally awake… only this time, with her beautiful furry babies! Penny Lane blossomed into a wonderful mother right off the bat, and she looked so at peace next to her litter.

Still, she needed to stay at the hospital some more to be monitored and get fluid therapy after her C-section.

A Brand-New Start

Penny Lane and her puppies were returned safely to the facility, where the team took further care of them. With every new day, this doggo family made small progress and were one step closer toward a forever home.

Penny’s puppies were growing up fast, keeping pace with their mom, who seemed so much better. In comparison to how she felt the day she was admitted, Penny Lane was a brand-new dog – and she was thriving!

old couple and son with dogs
Source: Paddy’s Paws

Upon their full recovery, she and her puppies were transferred to Paddy’s Paws, a rescue in Wisconsin, where they received the most amazing news!

Penny Lane was adopted into a beautiful home, surrounded by people who showered her with love and made sure that she never, ever felt abandoned again. 

three puppies in a puppies bed
Source: Paddy’s Paws

Her three puppies, Sgt. Pepper, Prudence, and Ringo, stayed at the rescue a little longer, but eventually, they found their forever families, too. These three pawdorable furballs grew up into happy dogs who love everything about their new lives.

Once an abandoned, pregnant dog that was absolutely terrified of life on the street, Penny Lane and her babies are now living the best life!