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Uber Driver Comes Across A Tiny Cardboard Box Near The Road And Discovers A Shocking Surprise

Uber Driver Comes Across A Tiny Cardboard Box Near The Road And Discovers A Shocking Surprise

There are only a handful of things that can truly upset me, and seeing someone mistreat or dump newborn puppies out on the street to die is one of them.

I keep wondering just how someone can be so cruel. It only takes a short drive or a simple phone call to a shelter where they can receive proper help, and yet people don’t do this.

More needs to be done to make sure that people try to surrender their puppies where they can have a new chance – not on the street to starve.

In this story, we will talk about an Uber driver who was just minding his own business when he came across a small cardboard box near the road and decided to check it out.

A Shocking Discovery

two small puppies
Source: YouTube

When the driver got close to the box, he realized that there were two small puppies inside, and they were in critical condition.

Immediately, he rushed to help them. The driver took them to the first veterinarian clinic he could find, so they could receive proper treatment.

I still just can’t imagine who could do something like this to these sweet babies who have done absolutely nothing to deserve it.

two newborn puppies sleeping
Source: YouTube

At the vet, it was established that they were bleeding and had pneumonia. They were able to stop the bleeding, but the puppies were not out of the woods just yet.

Vets made sure to put them on appropriate medications, which was giving them a chance.

They were tube fed and somebody was always watching over them in case something happened.

A New Hope For Arti And Sal

adorable puppies in bed
Source: YouTube

The two babies were named Arti and Sal, short for Artichoke and Salami. The medications that these sweet babies were placed on started working.

Arti and Sal were making an amazing recovery. They were placed in an incubator, which helped them even more.

Even though they were making great progress, Arti’s condition was a bit more complicated, and he still had some issues, so the vets checked his bloodwork.

His condition turned for the worse, and the results revealed that he had low protein, which they immediately tried to fix with more treatment.

puppies driving in the car
Source: YouTube

This helped, of course, but it seemed like troubles were never ending for Arti, as he still had many breathing problems.

As days go by, this adorable duo is making so much progress, and they have become almost unrecognizable in just a few weeks.

They have even started slowly shifting them to solid foods, as they have grown so much in just four weeks.

Two months have gone by, and Arti and Sal have grown so much. They are now adopted into their forever home where they have finally been given a chance to live their life.

It’s amazing to see how well things turned out for them, even though they had such a rough start in life. I really wish them all the best on their new adventures.