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Two Ladies Found Mama Dog And Her Puppies In The Woods And Saved Them From Exhaustion

Two Ladies Found Mama Dog And Her Puppies In The Woods And Saved Them From Exhaustion

In this world, there is no greater love than a mother’s love. This is the case with humans and all kinds of animals, and dogs are certainly no exception.

This was proven by one mother dog who was found deep in the forest, weak to the point of exhaustion, but who defended her puppies until the end of her strength.

She didn’t let anyone get close to them at the cost of her life until two girls came who knew how to convince her that their intentions were not bad.

Mama Dog Was Running Out of Strength 

mama dog and puppies in the woods
Source: @angelas_ark

Angela and her friend, Kristen, were driving through North Carolina on a one-day trip. At one moment, Angela, the founder of Angela’s Ark, got a message about a mama dog that was lying helpless in the forest. 

Considering that Angela has always had a soft heart towards dogs and her own Animal Rescue Organization in North Carolina, she could not turn a deaf ear to this call.

When she and her friend came to that place, the poor mama dog was lying in the middle of the woods so exhausted that she wasn’t able to get on her feet. 

At the same time, her puppies were nursing, so she was running out of nutrients very fast. 

Angela knew that they had to act quickly or the situation for this dog could easily worsen. But, they had to approach her slowly, so that she would understand that they did not want to harm her babies. 

woman feeding the dog in the woods
Source: @angelas_ark

Fortunately, Angela was very experienced, so she knew how to do this in the best way. Once she gained her trust, she called Kristen to help her, and somehow they managed to get the mom and her puppies into the car.

Although they initially tried to find someone to take care of this dog family, Kristen eventually took the responsibility of fostering upon herself. 

These puppies were finally on their way to a warm home where their mom would be able to raise them in the conditions that both she and they deserved.

She Was A Totally Different Dog At Home

woman feeding the dog in the kennel
Source: @angelas_ark

When they got home, the mama dog was a bit suspicious. She was quite defensive and did not let them approach her puppies.

But, when they set up a little swimming pool with blankets and pillows for her and her babies, she relaxed a bit. 

They called the mama dog Sky. As Angela explained for The Dodo, the puppies were their constellation group, so they named them Orion, Andromeda, and Aurora, to mention a few since there were as many as 11 puppies

The very next day, things began to fall into place. Sky was more relaxed and seemed to finally trust them completely.

As the days passed, she began to show her true personality, which was a playful, loving dog who loved attention and petting.

She also had the zoomies in the yard and was full of positive energy, which was unbelievable to see, considering that just a few days ago, she was on the verge of death deep in those dark woods. 

Of course, she didn’t forget her responsibilities around the puppies, and she did everything to raise them until they were strong enough to take care of themselves.

mama dog lying in bed with puppies
Source: @angelas_ark

Everything was going more than well, and they were becoming, as Angela said, “Very full of life, confident, happy-go-lucky-puppies”.  

This big family was definitely on the best possible path.

The Whole Family Was On The Way To A Happy Life

puppies sitting on a bed
Source: @angelas_ark

Soon, all of the puppies grew so much that they were not only ready to be separated from their mother, but to immediately find their new homes. And, it turned out that this little, sweet guard did so well that they all succeeded in it quickly.

As Angela posted on her official Instagram page, things got a little complicated for Sky. This brave mother did everything to protect her children, and even sacrificed her own health.

Before they thought to announce that she was ready for adoption, the vet diagnosed her with heartworm.

Because of this, instead of a permanent home, they found Sky’s foster parents who took care of her while she was being treated.

photo of a dog sitting outside
Source: @angelas_ark

However, we have no doubt that this brave girl, just like her children, will find her place under the sun because she definitely deserves it the most.