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A Sweet German Shepherd Who Was Found In An Abandoned House Receives The Greatest Surprise

A Sweet German Shepherd Who Was Found In An Abandoned House Receives The Greatest Surprise

When Sarah Ames heard that there were two German Shepherds locked in an abandoned house, she felt heartbroken. She rushed to rescue them.

As soon as she arrived at the address, Ames quickly headed to the entrance. She opened the door of the house and was left shocked after she saw the condition it was in. There were many needles and piles of garbage scattered on the floor.

Sadly, the two dogs spent three weeks living there after their owners left them behind.

Ames saw one of the pups who was peeking around the door. She was too scared to come out. Her humans had betrayed her and she wasn’t sure if she could trust Ames.

Changing The Pup’s Life

german shepherd found in abandoned house
Source: TikTok

The rescuer offered the doggo treats and she managed to convince her to leave her hiding place. With a sorrowful expression on her face, the pup approached Ames and ate the food she gave her.

Ames stroked the adorable dog, later named Hattie. The doggo looked at her with her soulful eyes. Hattie felt grateful because she rescued her, and she licked her hero’s face. 

Ames promised Hattie that her life would change. 

dog sitting on porch of abandoned house
Source: TikTok

After she contacted Metro Nashville Animal Care And Control, they arrived and took Hattie with them. It was agreed that she would stay in their care until a better placement was found for her.

The other German Shepherd wasn’t in the house.

Ames felt overjoyed when Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue, located in Nashville, offered to help Hattie turn her life around. They found her a great foster.

Hattie was glad to move into her foster home. Her foster took excellent care of her and showered her with love.

Rescuing The Other German Shepherd

sad german shepherd
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Later on, Ames found the other German Shepherd who was abandoned together with Hattie. A wonderful couple came across the dog, took her home, and fed her for a few days.

Ames met the good people and thanked them for saving the dog’s life. 

Her heart sank when she laid her eyes on the dog. She was malnourished and neglected. She was in much worse condition than Hattie. 

Despite being abandoned and let down, the pooch was a real sweetheart. She kept covering her rescuer in adorable kisses. Ames named her Phoenix.

Ames’ friend cuddled with Phoenix, and transported her to Metro Animal Control. 

After learning that Phoenix needed their help, Middle German Shepherd Rescue pulled her out and placed her in a loving foster home.

Phoenix, now named Annie, continued to thrive. Her foster gave her a lot of love. 

A New Beginning

photo of woman, man and german shepherd
Source: The Dodo

Annie’s friend, Hattie, found her forever family who fell in love with her the moment they saw her. Hattie’s greatest dream came true. Her eyes sparkled with joy.

Ames, along with Hattie’s family and Annie’s foster, decided to give the German Shepherds the best holiday surprise. They threw a great Christmas party for them. 

family with dog by christmas tree
Source: The Dodo

Both Hattie and Annie were happy to see each other again. The two pups sniffed each other and wagged their tails with a smile on their faces.

They loved their Christmas presents and they enjoyed playing with their squeaky toys. These were the first holiday gifts that they had ever received.

“Getting them together and having this holiday party really marked a brand-new chapter in their lives,” Ames told The Dodo.

Both canines started new lives. They will never feel betrayed and left behind. 

Hattie, now named Rue, enjoys her life in her forever home in Tennessee. She adores her parents and she gets along with their cats.

Annie is ready to find her forever parents and cover them in kisses. Just like all dogs, she deserves to get her happy ending.