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Two Sweet Dogs Rescued Together In A Horrible Condition Make A Miraculous Recovery

Two Sweet Dogs Rescued Together In A Horrible Condition Make A Miraculous Recovery

When two pups, named Poppy and William, were found wandering the streets together, paw in paw, they barely looked like dogs at all, as they were extremely malnourished and missing most of their fur.

The worried public couldn’t bear looking at these poor dogs in this state, so they rushed them to the local vet who later transferred them into RSPCA’s care.

Adorable Duo

two old black dogs
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Because of the state of these pups, many believed that they needed intensive care. And even with it, they still weren’t sure if they were going to make it.   

“It breaks our hearts to think back to when they were first rescued — they had been through so much trauma and were extremely withdrawn and depressed. It was clear they had been used for breeding and were likely no longer fulfilling their purpose before they were cruelly abandoned,” the worker at the RSPCA Kent Isle of Thanet Branch, Hannah White, said in a press release.

old dog drinking water
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Everyone assumed that these best friends had a very long recovery journey ahead of them; however, they proved them wrong.

Brand-new Doggos

In just three months, Poppy and William looked like brand-new dogs.

two happy dogs with tongues out
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“Today, they are full of beans and completely unrecognizable,” she added. 

Both of these adorable pups are now thriving, completely recovering not only their health, but their soft and luscious fur, too.

owner petting black dog
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They were staying at a foster home as they regained their strength, but now they are looking for a loving forever home where they can spend every passing hour together.

These two have been through so much together and are completely bonded — William has very poor sight, so Poppy acts as his guide dog as well as his companion; they are completely inseparable, so we’d like them to be adopted together,” concluded Hannah. 

brown dog and a ripped old ball
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Importance Of Care

These two pawdorable pups are living proof of what love and affection can do for an animal.

The fact that the staff did not give up on these pups even when they were in critical condition shows how dedicated they are to seeing that every animal in their care gets the proper treatment they deserve.

Poppy and William went through a lot of difficult situations during their life, but because of the incredible efforts of dog lovers, these pups can now live a life of never-ending fun, joy, and happiness.

I am sure that in no time, these pups will find a forever home, allowing them to live the life they deserve.

Good luck, guys!