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TSA Pup Who Spent His Whole Life Working Completely Lost His Mind At His Surprise Retirement Party

TSA Pup Who Spent His Whole Life Working Completely Lost His Mind At His Surprise Retirement Party

An adorable eight-year-old Labrador retriever by the name of Messi has spent most of his life proudly working as a professional Transportation Security Administrator (TSA) agent.

Ever since he got hired at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Messi spent his work hours screening luggage for explosives, keeping the airport and everybody in it safe.

However, since he had so much fun, Messi failed to realize how fast time flies and, all of a sudden, he became eligible for retirement.

So, his incredible team of agents decided to surprise him with a very special gift.

Sweet Surprise

While working at the Washington airport, Messi was a very serious and determined worker, making him the best and the cutest colleague ever.

“He was clearly born to work for TSA because he enjoys watching airplanes and playing in the grass at nearby Gravelly Point,” the TSA wrote in a press release shared with The Dodo.

Every single morning, Messi would burst into the airport with a smile stretching from ear to ear, dragging his handler, Peter, along with him.

Despite his routine consisting of tracking scents day in and day out, Messi approached each day with such enthusiasm, as if he was experiencing the thrill of his first day on the job every time.

But, Messi’s favorite part of his job was the celebratory tennis ball he would receive whenever he did a spectacular job!

So, for his last shift, his team decided to throw as many tennis balls as they could, leaving Messi completely shocked!

“A training aid was concealed in a large room and Messi, along with his handler, Peter, searched the room. When Messi ‘hit’ on the device, he was showered with tennis balls tossed his way by other canine handlers. Messi was thrilled!” the TSA wrote.

You can watch that incredible moment here:

Messi jumped along with the tennis balls, trying to catch at least one into his mouth. Some of his colleagues cheered him on while the others started blowing bubbles in his direction, making the moment so much more special.

After allowing him some time to play, Peter surprised him with a new and very meaningful harness.

“Peter then removed Messi’s ‘Do Not Pet’ patch from his harness, thus officially signaling that the dog was no longer a working canine and could be petted. There was no shortage of guests who were eager to pet the newly retired dog,” the TSA wrote.

The After Party

Messi loved soaking up all the love and attention he got from his amazing coworkers. It wasn’t a new occurrence for him to hear that he was a good boy; however, this time, he felt like he was the best boy in the whole wide world.

After celebrating his retirement with the rest of the TSA crew, Messi came back home with Peter and started his new chapter in life – retirement!

“The dog is ready to trade in his working vest for afternoons lounging on the sofa,” the TSA wrote.

The TSA agents at the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport missed Messi as soon as he left, but the knowledge that he was finally able to be a real house dog filled their hearts with joy.

“Messi is a lovable and hard-working dog, who has enjoyed playing with a tennis ball after a busy day sniffing for any traces of explosives at the airport. Now he doesn’t have to wait to play with his favorite toy,” the TSA concluded.