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Truck Driver Paused When He Realized Something Was Moving In A Pile Of Tires So He Went To Investigate

Truck Driver Paused When He Realized Something Was Moving In A Pile Of Tires So He Went To Investigate

When truck drivers arrived at a sand pit in Crosby, Texas, to pick up some material, they were saddened to find a delightful dog who was abandoned.

The dog kept staring in the distance as if she was expecting to see someone. The drivers assumed that she anticipated seeing the face of her owners. She was unaware that they renounced her and let her down.

Searching For A Foster Family

The drivers contacted Megan, whose family owns the sand pit, and asked her to help the little pup. Sadly, a lot of people abandon innocent animals at the sand pit and that is how Megan ended up being involved in rescuing pups.

Megan sent her food every day and the drivers made sure the lovely dog, who was later named Dutchie, was fed.

“We always send our dump truck drivers and operators with bags of dog food to feed the dogs that are down there and I always ask them to take pictures and video,” Megan said.

As soon as she got the footage, Megan posted it on her Facebook and started looking for a foster who could take in the pooch.

She kept checking on the pup, and the truck drivers sent her reports about her every day. The kind drivers talked to Dutchie and tried to gain her trust.

The doggo would often hide and sleep on a pile of tires near the sand pit.

Megan Is Thrilled To Give Dutchie Happy News

Lola’s Lucky Day, the organization that rescues homeless dogs in Houston and Dallas, found a foster for Dutchie.

As soon as Megan found out, she was both thrilled and relieved. She immediately left work and rushed to rescue her.

“It was a relief. It was like… party. Like, I’m so glad. Whenever I know that there is a solution I never want to leave them down any second longer,“ Megan said.

Once she was at the sand pit, Megan began looking around, trying to spot Dutchie. The black tires that she was hiding in were the perfect camouflage since she was a black pup.

Megan’s heart melted when the most adorable little head peeked out of the tires. Dutchie heard her coming and she stuck her head out to see who it was.

She was glad to see the friendly face of her rescuer.

“And then she came out of the tires and she was excited to see me. She was looking for food but she was excited and friendly. She came straight up to me,” Megan said.

She succeeded in putting a leash around her neck. The pup was adorable. While Megan was petting her, Dutchie looked at her with the sweetest eyes, filled with hope. She laid on her back and asked her rescuer to give her a belly rub.

Megan was enchanted with her. Dutchie spent the night at her home. The doggo was glad to feel the warmth of a real home.

“When I put her in the backyard to run around and it was like grass and I knew that she felt different. She knew that was more of a homelike experience versus where she had been, where it was just fending for herself. She could be herself,“ Megan said.

Enjoying Her Time At The Foster Home

The next day, Megan drove her to her foster parents, Kaitlin and Lauren. 

During her first days at the foster home, Dutchie was a bit distrustful and unsure of everything, although she craved love and affection.

She was taken to see the vet, who diagnosed her with heartworm. The pooch had an injured ankle and her hips were in a bad state. After she received the necessary medication, she started to feel better.

Dutchie’s foster parents worked with her at a slow pace and showered her with love. As she spent more time in her foster home, the sweet dog learned to relax and let her guard down.

Dutchie began enjoying snuggling with her foster parents. She overcame all her fears and became a confident and happy pup who had a wide smile on her face.

She couldn’t wait to start a new chapter in her life and leave her past behind.