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Traumatized Pup Flinched Every Time He Was Touched, Now He’s The Sweetest Cuddle Bug

Traumatized Pup Flinched Every Time He Was Touched, Now He’s The Sweetest Cuddle Bug

Dogs come into this world in order to be loved without limits.

It’s heartwrenching that some merciless people abuse them and fill their hearts with fear.

Mable, a beautiful pup never knew how tender and loving a human touch could be.

Her cruel owners abused her and hurt her. The sweet pup became a terrified dog who lost her faith in humanity.

Luckily, the doggo was rescued from the hands of her abusers and brought to a shelter.

The shelter staff felt sad after seeing Mable for the first time. She couldn’t stop trembling with fear. Her eyes were dimmed with sadness.

Although the staffers tried to stroke her and comfort her, she didn’t let them come near her. She kept expecting them to hurt her. 

The frightened canine didn’t know what love was.

Mable Meets Her Foster Mom

scared white pup
Source: @angelas_ark

Angela Marie is the founder of Angela’s Ark, the rescue based in Charlotte, North Carolina, and an animal sanctuary in Wyoming.

When she met Mable for the first time, the rescuer saw the overwhelming fear in her beautiful eyes.

“When I first saw her, you could see it in her eyes. It’s like she wanted to disappear,” Angela told The Dodo.

The wonderful rescuer knew she had to take her home and foster her. She wanted to help Mable overcome her stress.

Angela prepared a crate for the pup where she could decompress. She tried talking to Mable, but every time she approached her, the doggo wished to run away. 

Mable would retreat to the corner of the crate, shaking and avoiding making eye contact with her foster mom.

scared dog
Source: The Dodo

Angela took her to the beach, hoping it would help her, but Mable didn’t enjoy going on walks. She couldn’t relax. 

The whole time, the doggo kept expecting that something bad would happen. Mable’s ears were back and she kept her tail tucked.

Trying To Mend Mable’s Broken Heart

woman and white dog
Source: @angelas_ark

The giant-hearted rescuer was committed to helping Mable. She sat with her on the floor and hand-fed her. She showered the pup with praise and encouragement.

Gradually, Mable began getting used to her foster mom. However, the pup was guarded, and she still flinched whenever her foster mom tried to pet her.

After months of trying to gain Mable’s trust, Angela began noticing many small milestones.  

white dog in house
Source: The Dodo

The canine surprised her mom when she did her first zoomies in their yard. Mable was running freely. At that moment, she seemed to have forgotten her past. 

Angela was delighted and she couldn’t believe how excited Mable was.  

The delightful pup became comfortable during her walks with her mom. Her tail was no longer tucked and she began enjoying her freedom and the beauty around her.

Rejoicing At The Pup’s Milestones

sweet white dog standing outside
Source: The Dodo

The rescuer will always remember the first time Mable invited her to play with her. The canine approached her with a smile on her face. She started jumping and wagging her tail. 

Angela considers it to be the first milestone in their relationship.

Mable needed time to accept her foster mom’s love and to realize that she wouldn’t hurt her.

adorable white dog and woman
Source: The Dodo

“The first time I was able to pet Mable, I sat down on the floor next to her, gently stroking her, and then I would take my hand off. And I tried to do that over and over again so that she could get used to a hand coming at her and realizing that it wasn’t going to hurt,” Angela added.

Angela is proud of Mable and the progress she has made.

“I think my favorite part of this experience is watching who Mable is now compared to the dog she was at the shelter. I see less and less of that dog at the shelter every day. The little milestones are something I will always be beyond proud of her for,” Angela emphasized.

After living with her amazing foster mom for almost a year, Mable is now ready to start searching for her forever family.

white dog with tongue out
Source: @angelas_ark

The pooch hopes to find wonderful humans who will understand her, support her, and love her infinitely. 

After everything Mable has been through, she deserves to get her happy ending.

Mable’s story is another proof of the healing effect of love. Thank you, Angela, for helping her overcome her trauma and realize that life can be beautiful.