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5 Tips On How To Make This 4th Of July Easier For Your Dog

5 Tips On How To Make This 4th Of July Easier For Your Dog

Hi guys, this is Chase! 

I know you’re not used to seeing many dogs talking directly to you here on PupVine, but sometimes a dog has to say what is on its mind.

I love summer! I love pool parties, and I love the fresh fruity snacks my hoomans give me. I also love warm summer evenings.

But, I don’t love the beginning of summer because it has one holiday that makes me shiver.

The 4th of July.

Sure, it’s great to be a patriot, but do you have to be a loud patriot? Can’t the 4th of July be celebrated with delicious food, fun music, and entertaining games? 

Does it have to include fireworks?

I swear, each year it gets worse. I hide in my hoomans’ closet, trying to mute the sounds, and they spend their entire holiday trying to calm me down. 

It’s absolutely the worst time of the year to be a dog! 

I hate to see my hoomans escape the fun almost every year to calm me down. For once, I wish they could enjoy the holiday, too! But, everywhere we go, firecrackers and fireworks seem to follow us.

I tell you, it’s getting exhausting! 

That’s why I figured out a couple of ways that could calm me down, so my hoomans don’t have to spend another holiday trying to lure me out of the closet and ignore their friends. 

1. I Don’t Have To Go Outside, Seriously

Trust me, hoomans… I really don’t have to go outside unless it’s my potty break. 

The sounds, the smell, the flashing lights… It’s all too much for me.

I prefer to stay indoors, thank you very much.

Or, take me out to a daily party if you really must. But, make sure I’m on my leash and I have treatos. Otherwise, I might bolt and never return.

A friend of mine, Susie, once went to a night party for the 4th of July, and the fireworks made her pee on herself. Could you imagine how embarrassing that was to her?

Don’t cause me that kind of stress, pwetty pwease!

I once heard that some hoomans train their pups from an early age to ignore the fireworks and the loud bangs. They say it works because they know they’re expecting a treat if they don’t react.

I’m thinking about trying this method for next year. Treatos always work for me!

2. My Safe Spot

My safe spot was usually the closet in the bedroom. But, no matter how much you wash the clothes, I still feel the smell from dad’s gym shorts. Trust me… I go there only when I have to! 

Under the bed is too scary for me because I once saw a spider there… yikes! 

But, the pantry seems like a nice idea. It smells good, it’s warm and cozy, and it only has one tiny window. It’s the pawfect hideout! 

I’m gonna make my nest there and grab my downstairs bed. You bring my blanket, my plushie teddy, water, and some treatos… you know, the basic survival kit! 

We’ll play some soothing music (the one with the whales) and snuggle. You’re welcome if you want to join me. If not, just check on me once in a while. I’ll be fine snoozing on my own. 

Some holidays are better if you sleep through them. 

For those canine buddies that don’t have a super pawsome hiding spot like my pantry, make sure you close the blinds and mute all outside sounds.

3. Tire Me Out Before The Fireworks

I’m a big dog and I need lots of exercise. I don’t care if it’s a holiday or not, don’t skip my exercise routine. As a Golden Retriever, I must work out like crazy so I don’t become the crazy one at the end of the day.

Hoomans, before the fireworks start or any loud party noises, take me outside. I will go potty and play a bit so I’m nice and tired when the party starts. No, I’m not a partybreaker! I’m a young dog, but a senior in my heart who prefers relaxed evenings. So, there’s that.

Exercising will drain out my energy and I won’t care about what’s going on outside.

4. What’s A Thundershirt? I Wanna Try It!

dog wearing thundershirt and lying in the garden

I heard about this thing called a thundershirt and I really wanna try it! Please, hoomans… take me shopping for a thundershirt so I could be a Thunderdog Chase! 

A thundershirt is a pressure vest designed to relieve anxiety and create soothing pressure on a dog’s nervous system. 

Basically, this is a weighted vest, and I love the fact that they say it feels like someone’s hugging you tightly.

I know a thundershirt is around $50, but it’s an investment that could be used for generations!

5. Drugs? Well, If You Insist…

I’m not a fan of drugs. I don’t support vet visits at all.

But, sometimes that old guy in the white lab coat makes a point. I remember my first 4th of July and it was a mess. I was a mess. Everything was a mess! 

So, the next year, you hoomans had me hooked on anti-anxiety meds. I was super mellow, but I didn’t like the feeling I had a few days after taking the meds. So, in case I’m really, really anxious like never before, you can try offering me those meds again.

I know a few canine buddies that seem to take anti-anxiety meds all the time, and they function fine. I guess it’s just me.

Anyway, make sure you first ask that old guy in the lab coat. I know I don’t like him, but sometimes he’s right.

A Word Of Advice For All You Hoomans

I hope Chase gave you a great insight into what a dog wants to do when 4th of July parties are in progress. Like any other dog, Chase doesn’t like fireworks, firecrackers, or any loud and unfamiliar noises. 

He doesn’t like to be scared or and startled.

When Chase first told me he wants to try that method with handing out treats every time there are fireworks or crackers outside, I was suspicious. He’s a three-year-old dog and I know how hard it is to train older dogs. 

But, we’ve started this training method and I believe, that by the time another major holiday with fireworks comes, for example, New Year’s Eve, Chase will be ready.

Happy 4th of July everyone! Chase and I wish you a nice holiday. Stay safe and use pyrotechnics responsibly.