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This Tiny Puppy Placed In A Cardboard Box Cried Loudly, Unable To Move At All

This Tiny Puppy Placed In A Cardboard Box Cried Loudly, Unable To Move At All

When a rescuer saw a box in front of a pet food store, at first, she didn’t think too much of it. However, she suddenly heard loud cries coming from inside making her aware that something was wrong.

Upon further inspection, the rescuer realized that inside the box was a small puppy who was crying his little heart out, unable to move.

The rescuer had no idea how the pup got there, but that didn’t matter. What mattered was that it was clearly in a lot of pain and that it needed urgent medical assistance.

Rescue Mission

dog in a box
Source: Youtube

The rescuer immediately took the pup to the vet in order to determine what was wrong and where the pain was coming from.

After a thorough checkup, everybody was shocked to find out that the pup had no broken bones. The vet suspected that he had suffered a very traumatic experience and that that was the cause of his pain.

The vet then gave him a dose of medication that was supposed to help him relax, but the poor guy was in so much pain that he simply couldn’t stop crying.

little puppy with a cone
Source: Youtube

The vet then decided to do an X-ray, thinking that there was something that they missed. However, the X-ray only confirmed that there were indeed no broken bones.

They started to suspect that the pup might have a spinal cord injury affecting his nerves and causing all of that pain.

With this information, the vets could only prescribe him the right medication and hope for the best.

Little Fighter

The pup, now named Lucky, is a true fighter.

Even though he was still unable to get up on his paws, he kept trying to raise his head all on his own so that he could eat some yummy food. And, he eventually did it!

Seeing how much he wanted to get better really brought his rescuers to tears.

And, over time, he was even able to sit!

dog on recovery
Source: Youtube

Throughout the entire process, Lucky was a very compliant and happy pup. He ate all of his meals, listened to his hoomans, and loved playing with them as much as he could.

Now, it was training time!

Every day, Lucky’s hoomans would spend time with him, training and teaching him how to walk.

They would patiently and gently pick him up and place him on his feet, trying to get him to stand all on his own.

Eventually, he got it! Lucky started to walk!

dog walking on the street
Source: Youtube

It didn’t take him too long to start running around, exploring everything he saw like the happy puppy he was.

And, his hoomans couldn’t be happier.

His rescuer was so deeply touched by his determination and resilience that she simply couldn’t part ways with him. That is why she decided to adopt him.

Lucky was finally able to live the life of every dog’s dreams.

He was able to forget all about his dark past and totally embrace his new life. He now spends his days with incredible hoomans who love and adore him and provide him with everything he could ever need.  

Good boy, Lucky!

recovered dog at home
Source: Youtube

Final Word

It is obvious that Lucky was once a part of a family, and that is what makes this story even more heartbreaking.

It saddens me to know that so many animals who may be injured or have a medical condition are just cruelly dumped and not given a second chance at life.

So, I would like to take this opportunity to remind you that if you aren’t able to provide your pets with what they need, take them to your local shelter, which will do that for you.

That’s the least they deserve.