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Rescuers Heartbroken When They Find A Tiny Pup Living All Alone In A Remote Location

Rescuers Heartbroken When They Find A Tiny Pup Living All Alone In A Remote Location

One factor that most people don’t account for when talking about rescuing animals is just how much luck it takes sometimes.

When you really think about it, a lot of dogs can and will live in an isolated area because they are afraid of humans or they were abandoned there. Either reason is horrible.

However, because of this, spotting animals who really need our help is difficult, and we have to do better if we encounter an isolated pup who needs our help.

In this story, we will talk about a rescuer from California who was notified about a stray dog who was in the middle of nowhere and desperately needed some help.

A Dog Hoping To Get Some Help

When a rescuer working for an organization called The Animal Rescue Center of California was notified by his friend about a dog who was in the middle of nowhere, he went to look for him.

It was on a long road that stretched for miles, and there was no way for this poor pup to find any help. 

The rescuer and his friend joined efforts in order to help this dog, but it was not going to be an easy task as he was very scared of people and would run anytime anyone got close.

The moment after they came to rescue this pup, he ran away to the other side of the road and tried to keep his distance.

It was at this point that they realized that it was not going the way they had planned, so they decided to set a humane trap for the dog to see if he would take the bait.

Despite their efforts, he did not enter the kennel and the first attempt was an unsuccessful one. 

The very next day, they tried by setting up the trap next to his favorite couch near the road.

They managed to find him, and their first instinct was to lure him in the right direction toward his favorite spot, but the dog just ran past them and went as far away as he could.

A Difficult But Successful Rescue

However, after a while, the dog actually came back to the couch, and the dog was now inside a fenced in area where they could try to help him.

The rescuers did their best, and they managed to lure him into the kennel. He was now finally safe. It was a successful mission.

They then placed the dog into the car and took him for a groomer appointment, which he really needed.

He looked much better now, and his fearful attitude was gone in a matter of days. The dog understood that these people only wanted to help him, and he accepted it.

Now that he is going to stay at the shelter, his rescuers are watching over him and giving him plenty of food and water.

They introduced him to other dogs there, and they realized that he was a really playful dog who just wanted to enjoy his life.

The Animal Rescue Center of California will take care of this sweet pup until they can manage to find a new family for him.

In the end, we don’t really have information on what happened next, but it’s okay to assume that he has found someone special by now.

It’s rescues like this who always restore my faith in humanity, as they are the best evidence of how much we can accomplish when we actually work together.