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One-Eared Puppy The Size Of A Hamster Overcomes Every Challenge Life Throws At Him

One-Eared Puppy The Size Of A Hamster Overcomes Every Challenge Life Throws At Him

Van Gogh has never been an ordinary pup.

This teeny-tiny ‘rolling crocodile’ has been facing obstacles ever since he was born, yet he never gave up.

Born a little different, Van Gogh came a long way from his days as a one-eared, uncoordinated, special-needs runt of the litter. And, now he’s thriving like a big boi! 

This is his story!

A True Fighter

Tee Sorge, of Tobies Small Dog Rescue, in Los Angeles, California, has saved many pups in her career, but Van Gogh will remain one of the most special! Ever since his mom, Daisy, gave birth to him, he had a plethora of health issues.

Van Gogh was born without one ear, with one blind eye, and he had no coordination for proper crawling and walking as his other siblings did.

“Van Gogh was born without an ear, blind in his left eye, and paralyzed facially on his left side. Given all that he is thriving,” the team in another FB post.

One of the rescues’ giant-hearted fosters, Donna McKenna, felt an instant connection toward Van Gogh, and she gladly accepted him into her loving home. Donna had already owned bigger dogs, but this hamster-sized pup absolutely stole her heart.

Van Gogh needed care around the clock, as he couldn’t suck his momma’s milk like the rest of the litter.

“He was born without an ear and has balance and coordination issues that make it very difficult for him to stay latched on to his mama. Donna is doing all she can…” TSDR wrote on their Facebook.

She bottle-fed him several times a day and made sure his weight was within normal parameters. It was a long journey of constant ups and downs, where he would gain and then lose some of his weight, but he definitely still didn’t have the strength to keep himself on his feet.

Then, one day, it happened! Van Gogh figured out how to stand on his front feet and move backward. A few days later, he finally learned how to use his hind legs, too, and the rest, as they say, is history!

Soon enough, you just couldn’t tell that this one-eared lovebug was a special-needs dog. He was out there doing the doggo dance with his foster buddies, being absolutely thrilled about his life.

Thriving In A Forever Home

For Donna, it was never a question of whether she would keep Van Gogh or not! As soon as she realized that he finally got out of danger and started doing better, she decided that he’d be a foster fail!

“Our angel here has grown up into a silly, twisted funny little big guy!! We can’t thank enough all of his followers and friends and of course his most amazing mama Donna for giving him the most amazing home,” Tee wrote on Facebook.

Van Gogh adapted into his new California home like he had been there his whole life. Together with his momma and his siblings, he’s now welcoming new foster doggos in the house and making sure they get the exact same treatment he once got.

He grew up into a twisted, silly guy who just loves to play and cuddle. He’s extremely playful and showers everybody with love.

That sure came in handy when his mom surprised him with another special-needs sibling, Lilly, whom he welcomed with paws wide open.

She and Van Gogh are now the best friends in the world, taking on endless adventures every new day. And, the rough days – they’re definitely behind him!