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Strange Tiny Heads Peeking Behind A Tree Leave Man In Shock

Strange Tiny Heads Peeking Behind A Tree Leave Man In Shock

When one man was passing by a road in Texas, he noticed two tiny heads peeking out behind a fallen tree. He immediately texted his daughter to inform her about this unfortunate situation. 

After Lenny, a huge dog lover, saw the message, she didn’t wait a minute, but immediately rushed to that place. When she came to the “scene of the crime”, she saw two abandoned puppies that were in a horrible state – full of fleas and skin infections. 

It was the initial feel of the terrain in the first few moments, but when she finally saw that their tails were wagging, she knew that they were ready to be helped. 

Amazing Transformation

As Lenny approached the fallen tree where the puppies were, they stared at her with that innocent look that only dogs can have. Easier than expected, she took them in her arms and carried them to the vehicle she came in.

When they sat in the back seat, these two puppies, whom she named Bugg and Doc, started sobbing with happiness that someone finally saved them. 

This touched Lenny so much that she shed a tear herself. At that moment, she firmly decided that she would do everything to help the little ones. 

When they got to Lenny’s house, they immediately felt at home. 

“They seemed so relieved, I put them in the A.C. – boom, they just hit the seat and they were ready to go to sleep,” Lenny said for The Dodo

After a well-deserved rest, they were ready to get down to business, and Lenny right away knew what she had to do first.

“I immediately got my dog oatmeal bath, because they had fleas, and they were scratching,” Lenny said. It was clear that they really enjoyed this treatment and they looked so much better as well. 

Their next stop was the vet. Although Lenny thought the health findings would be much worse, the vets cheered her up with the news that the disease was not contagious. All she had to do while they were recovering was give them antibiotics and bathe them in oatmeal baths.

Very quickly, these two dogs made progress and Lenny could soon see that they had a bright future ahead of them. The skin infections disappeared little by little and the hair grew back, so that they became real little beauties in no time.

two puppies lying in bed
Source: Abby White

“I’ve never seen that dramatic of a transformation,” Lenny happily concluded. 

On To Their New Lives

Bugg and Doc’s recovery was coming to an end, and soon they were ready to turn a new chapter in their lives. Of course, this difficult decision was on Lenny’s back, but she was determined in her intention. 

“They had already been through so much in their short, little lives that I couldn’t see separating them,” Lenny said. 

Although, with this decision, Lenny complicated their potential chance of finding a forever home, deep in her heart, she felt that this was exactly how it was meant to be.

That came true one morning when the excited woman texted her with a message: “Oh my gosh! Please tell me you still have them.”

three woman and puppies outdoors
Source: @lenny_behr

A woman named Abby traveled all the way from Massachusetts to Texas in a van to pick up her two new furry babies. When Abby and her family arrived at the campground where the puppies and Lenny were waiting, Lenny saw that their truck was full of toys. 

“I just instantly knee, these are your dogs,” she said. 

Bugz and Bear, as they were now called, went on a long journey to their new lives. But, no matter how far away they are, in Lenny’s heart, Bugg and Doc will always remain two tiny, curled-up puppies that brought her the happiest moments of her life.